Youssef, 13

Male, Caucasian, African American

Youssef is described as sweet and personable. He is affectionate and likes to give and receive hugs. Youssef generally is optimistic and happy, except in the mornings as he does not like getting up early. He likes being read to, listening to music, watching cartoons and playing games, especially games on the Wii or Xbox. Youssef can be a very picky eater but enjoys cheeseburgers and eating at fast food restaurants. He is working on trying and incorporating new foods into his diet. Youssef does really well with one-on-one adult attention. Youssef hasn’t been in a home with pets but he likes to pet dogs. He would do best in a home where is the youngest or the only child and would need a home that can best support Youssef's ongoing needs.

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