Montrell Jr., Shawtanice, Montrell III, Shondranice

These four siblings would do best in a two parent household that can provide them with boundaries and close supervision. A highly structured, consistent atmosphere would be ideal. It would be best if they were the youngest children in the home. They would prefer to live close to or directly in the city.

Following adoption, they would need to maintain contact with their older brother.

Shawtanice, 11


Shawntanice (Nene) is an outgoing, friendly, happy child who is kind and considerate of others. She can be a bit shy when she first meets someone new. Nene is protective of her siblings and does well with other children her age. She is a visual learner and has been doing well progressing with her academics. She can sometimes be easily distracted so she has been working on her organization skills. Nene enjoys coloring, drawing, reading, riding her bike and spending time outdoors. Pizza and juice are a couple of her favorite things to eat.

Sibling group photo

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