Graciela, Carlos, Alba

ICWA placement preferences apply, but the placement agency is open to considering all families at this time.

Alba, 13

Female, Native American,Hispanic

Alba describes herself as talkative, outgoing, funny and sometime anxious. She likes all types of foods and is not picky. A couple of her favorites are tacos and pozole (a traditional Mexican soup). Alba would like to learn how to cook. Her favorite class in school is social studies, but she dislikes math and science. She enjoys going camping with her foster family, and watching movies and TV shows, especially Steven Universe. She also likes playing soccer, going cross country skiing and playing with her Littlest Pet Shop toys. Alba's favorite singers are Enrique Iglesias, Nicky Jam and Alex Aiono. Alba would like to continue living in the city and would like to be adopted with her three siblings and is open to other siblings in the home as well. She is okay with pets, as long as they are not snakes or spiders!

Carlos, 15

Male, Native American,Hispanic

Carlos is laid back, funny, outgoing and helpful. He likes to be active - he runs hurdles in track as well as plays other sports. His favorite subjects in school are math and gym. He would prefer a two parent family and is ok with having two moms or two dads. He is open to having other siblings in the home (besides his sisters) and is also fine with having pets in the home. Carlos says he wants to live in the "city-ish".

Graciela, 16

Female, Native American,Hispanic

Graciela is funny and outgoing as well as sometimes shy when she first meets someone. She likes all types of food, especially traditional Native American and Mexican foods as well as McDonald's. Graciela enjoys science, art and playing basketball in school. She likes rap and hip hop music.

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