Anjelica, 13

Female, Caucasian, African American

Anjelica is a bright, articulate, creative, helpful, athletic and very caring. Anjelica enjoys volunteering and has a heart for helping those who are less fortunate. She also enjoys helping and encouraging her peers. Anjelica is resilient and has dealt with a lot of adversity in her young life. She wants to take her adversity and be motivational speaker to other youth who have faced similar adversities.

Anjelica excels in her academics and has been on the merit role multiple times. She has high standards for herself and is proud of herself for obtaining a job. Anjelica enjoys cooking and spending time in the kitchen. She also enjoys arts and crafts, singing, dancing, shopping, playing outside, playing with slime and playing soccer. Anjelica likes activities that are typical of a teenager such as going shopping, getting her nails done, wearing make up and hanging out with her friends.

Following adoption, Anjelica will need to maintain contact with her siblings.

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