Kolligia, 18

Male, Caucasian, African American

Kolligia is a smart and outgoing teen who likes to tell jokes, laugh and be goofy with others. Kolligia enjoys cooking as well as going out to eat. He will tell ya he knows all the best places in town for the best fast food in the Twin Cities! His favorite food is pizza (but he doesn’t turn down many meals). He likes playing video games, watching TV and playing with Legos and his Pokémon cards. He isn't really into sports, but has enjoyed fishing in the past. Kolligia is an amazing artist and hopes to go onto college someday to pursue graphic design. In fact- he has been accepted to a college already! (although he would like to stay in the Twin Cities and pursue other universities as well).

Kolligia needs an experienced family who can provide him with structure and routine. He does well with one-on-one adult attention and would benefit from having a positive male role model in his life. Kolligia would prefer a two-parent family and is open to a city or rural setting. It would be best if he was the only child in the home. Kolligia likes dogs and cats and would enjoy having a pet. Kolligia is a kind, thoughtful youth that could use a family that “mentors” him into adulthood. A safe place to land, and support through his educational ventures and goals would be perfect. Anyone who knows Kolligia is better off for it.

Following adoption, Kolligia would need to maintain contact with his brother and grandmother and possibly other members of his extended family.

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