Dania, 14

Female, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic

Dania is a sweet, funny, caring, helpful teen who loves staying active, but also enjoys quiet time at home. Dania will try just about any sport or activity. She has participated in softball, soccer, volleyball and a strength/agility class and still wants to try basketball, dance and anything else that comes her way! Dania has gone ice fishing, ATVing, and has taken archery in the past, all of which she loved. She also loves watching YouTube, the Vikings and boy bands. Dania enjoys cooking and baking and loves when people enjoy something she has prepared. She also loves eating Mexican and Chinese food and really likes Chipotle. She doesn't like to eat anything with mushrooms though. Dania does well in school. She is protective of the ones she loves and cares about and is very empathetic towards her peers. Dania is open to a variety of family dynamics and would love a home with pets, especially a dog. She would prefer to be the only or youngest child in the home. Dania needs a patient, active and structured family.

Following adoption, Dania would need to maintain contact with her younger brother.

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