Gabe, 15

, Caucasian

Gabe is outgoing, funny and enjoys making others laugh. He is an excellent advocate for himself. Gabe uses he/him or they/them pronouns. He is very active and likes to stay busy by swimming, skateboarding, socializing and would also like to participate in dance classes again. He enjoys listening to music, writing and drawing. His favorite type of food is Chinese food and sushi.

Gabe would prefer a family with a mom and dad, a single mom or a same sex female couple. He would enjoy having a sibling in the home around his age, but would prefer that if there are other children in the home that they are age 10 or older versus very young. Gabe loves all pets and would love to have one (or more) around. As far as location preference goes, he is open as long as he can have continued contact with his siblings and extended family members.

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