Aaron, 15

Male, Caucasian, Hispanic

Aaron is an easygoing, calm and happy teen. He enjoys listening to music, cartoons and being sung and read to. Aaron loves spending time around people, especially other kids. His current foster brothers love being around him and he revels in their company. Aaron likes being talked to and will smile in response to hearing his current provider’s voice or other people he knows. He also communicates through blinking or eye gazing. Aaron is well-liked at school by his teachers and peers. His favorite class is music - he enjoys listening and playing music with his group. Aaron enjoys being outdoors and can be found relaxing outside or going on a walks on a warm, sunny day. Aaron needs 24/7 care, so an adoptive family would need to have the ability to oversee his needs as well as live within a reasonable distance to medical facilities. Aaron would love being a part of a family with other kids.

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