Emily, 15

Female, Caucasian

Emily is easy going, friendly, active and athletic. In her free time, she likes to draw, color and watch shows like NCIS and The First 48. Emily can be reserved around new people, but is quick to open up, especially if you are a fan of hockey or cheerleading!

Emily loves cheerleading, particularly learning new moves and stunts. She helps her younger cheerleading peers and hopes to be a cheer coach someday. Emily is also a big fan of hockey (GO WILD!); her favorite player is Zach Parise. Emily’s favorite subjects are English and Civics. She is excited to go to college after high school and wants to be a Police Officer or Pharmacist.

Emily currently lives in a small town and feels comfortable there; she prefers it to the city. She is used to living in a two-parent household and would like to have siblings around her age or older. Emily says she’s a dog person, but also really like cats. When talking with Emily about what her forever family might be like, she stated, “They have to cook good dinosaur chicken nuggets AND mac‘n’cheese.” Some of her other favorites are spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese (no sauce), and taco pizza.

Following adoption, Emily would need to maintain contact with her current foster parents.

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