Benjamin, 12

Male, Caucasian

Benjamin (Ben) is smart, friendly, helpful, cooperative and respectful. He describes himself as funny and creative. Ben enjoys reading, drawing, problem solving activities and hands-on building activities, such as Legos. He likes watching videos on Youtube and TikTok, and playing board, video and card games. Ben also enjoys spending time outside; climbing trees, going for walks, riding his bike, playing soccer, and going on (accompanied) motorcycle rides. He also likes going to car shows. Ben does well in school. His favorite subjects are math and science, however he's not a big fan of homework.

Ben would do well in a family that is highly structured, has routines and is predictable. An active family that enjoys being outdoors and participating in the community would be a good fit for him. Ben is okay with having siblings, but he would prefer that they are his same age. However, he would be okay with having younger children in the home as well. Ben would really like to have a pet such as a dog or a cat.

Following adoption, Ben would need to maintain contact with his grandmother.

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