Kolligia, 17

Male, Caucasian, African American

Kolligia is a smart and outgoing child who likes to laugh and be goofy with others. He is also good at telling jokes. Kolligia enjoys cooking as well as going out to eat for dinner. His favorite food is pizza. He likes playing video games, watching TV and playing with his Pokemon cards and Legos. He isn't really into sports, but has gone fishing and enjoyed it. Kolligia needs an experienced family who can provide him with structure and routine. He does well with one-on-one adult attention and would benefit from a positive male role model in his life. He is a goal oriented child and does well with positive reinforcements. Kolligia would prefer a two parent family. He should be the only child in the home. Kolligia likes dogs and cats and would like to live in a rural area rather than in the city.

Following adoption, Kolligia would need to maintain contact with his brother and grandmother.

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