Maurice, Shyanne, Sha'Kira

Shyanne, Maurice & Sha'Kira need an active two-parent family who can provide them with structure and lots of love. They would need to maintain contact with their older sister and their foster care provider following adoption.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.

Maurice, 9

Male, African American

Maurice is a kind and caring boy. He can be quiet when he first meets people, but warms up quickly. Maurice loves school and is very athletic. He is very good at gymnastics - he can do back-flips and cartwheels. He also enjoys playing basketball.

Sha'Kira, 2

Female, African American

Sha'Kira is a happy child who enjoys playing with her toys. She also loves music and dancing!

Shyanne, 7

Female, African American

Shyanne is very outgoing and enjoys talking with children and adults. She loves to draw and play games. She also likes animals and would enjoy having a pet.

Sibling group photo

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