Aamista, Terrance, Aashyla, Gabrielle

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Aamista, 12

Female, Native American

Aamista tends to be more of an introvert in new situations and/or surroundings. Overtime and after feeling more comfortable with her surroundings she becomes more talkative. She is helpful to those around her and often portrays an optimistic attitude. Aamista is described as having a positive outlook and seeking the bright side of all situations. Even when involved in less than desirable situations, she is the one to seek a positive ending or point out the positives in the situation.

Aamista enjoys school but prefers smaller classroom settings. Currently, she is being home schooled and has found this to be her most desired setting for learning school subjects. She especially likes spelling and reading. She likes all types of foods even fruits and veggies such as cantaloupe and beets. She also loves pizza and cookie-dough ice cream. She enjoys music - everything from Top40 to Christian Rock. For quieter activities around the home, she enjoys playing Legos and dolls with her siblings. Aamista would prefer a two-parent family. She is open to a family that may already have older children in the home as long as the family commits to spending time together and also finds time for 1:1 opportunities. Aamista has been in homes that have had pets and she has found comfort with having a pet.

Aashyla, 10

Female, Native American

Aashlya is described as being helpful and a good listener. She can be somewhat quieter and reserved in nature until you get to know her. She is a sweet girl that is often content playing with her siblings or even alone. She is imaginative in her play, which makes it easier for her to be independent when playing and being content when doing so.

Aashyla loves being outside. She likes animals, especially cats. When given the opportunity to cook or bake with an adult she will express interest in helping. She is also home schooled and seems to like having more 1:1 attention and has been enjoying science class. She is not a picky eater and tends to like everything from scrambled eggs to burritos and pizza. She is not a fan of oatmeal. Aashyla enjoys playing Legos with her brother or playing with dolls. She really likes American Girl dolls. Aashyla would benefit from being in a two-parent home and would like living in the country in a more rural setting. She has exposure to hobby farm animals and does well in this setting as well. She likes animals, especially cats.

Gabrielle (Gabe), 8

Male, Native American

Gabrielle (Gabe) is an active little boy who is described to be kind, helpful and thoughtful. He is talkative and has a good sense of humor. Current interests include learning jokes from the automotive “Alexa” device. He likes telling jokes about superheroes.

Gabe likes his superheroes and transformers. His toys mean a lot to him and he will proudly show you many of them if you show interest. He also likes trucks and Legos. Watching TV is another downtime activity that he enjoys - Paw Patrol or Avengers are a couple of his favorite cartoons. Currently, Gabe is doing well in school and enjoys it. He makes friends easily and tends to enjoy the company of peers who are older than him. Recess is his favorite school “subject”. He is not a picky eater and likes pizza, muffins and bananas. McDonald’s might be Gabe’s favorite place to eat out. Gabe is open to a home with a dog.

Terrance, 11

Male, Native American

Terrance is silly and has a good sense of humor. He is known to be a talker and he will engage with most people especially after getting to know them. Staying on task doesn’t always come easy for him, but with patience and persistence he is determined to follow through with the task at hand. He describes himself as smart and honest.

Terrance loves to play video games! So much so that adults caring for him will have to limit and structure his play time. He always enjoys and benefits from having structured time. Additionally, he also enjoys playing outside and will seek to play with his siblings. He enjoys listening to music and has expressed interest in learning to play the piano. Terrance is drawn to role playing whether through video games, playing with peers or building and playing with Legos. He is not a picky eater and likes most foods. Terrance has also had the opportunity to be home schooled and he is benefiting from this greatly. Currently, he is enjoying art class and history. Terrance would benefit from being in a two-parent home and would like living in the country in a more rural setting. He would be open to a home with pets.

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