Jarell, Sophia, Ayden, Elton

This fabulous foursome can light up your day and also leave you scrambling to keep up! These beautiful siblings are Jarell, Sophia, and twins Ayden and Elton. It is very important for these siblings to be adopted together by a family with the skills and energy to give all four children the attention, love, and healing they so need. It is probably best for them to be the only children in their adoptive home at this time, although parents who have experience raising children who are now older teens are welcome to be considered.

These are bright and active children and the family that hangs in there with them will be rewarded by seeing them realize their potential and participating in their healing. The children should maintain some connections with their Liberian culture and build pride in their heritage. They will also need to have visits with their younger sister.

Ayden, 8

Female, African American

Ayden is proud to be the older twin and is fun bundle of energy. She always tries to copy and follow her older sister, Sophia, whether on bikes or at the playground. Ayden especially loves the zipline at the local playground. Ayden will benefit from calm parents who can recognize her unique gifts and talents and work with her to develop more confidence in her abilities. Ayden loves to eat and has a great appetite.

Elton, 8

Male, African American

Elton has friends at school, is doing well academically, won a school award, is well-mannered and focused, and generally has a calm personality. Elton loves playing outside, going to the park, riding bikes, and swimming. He shares his brother’s interest and talent in building with Legos and playing football. Elton doesn’t eat well during the day, but has a huge appetite for dinner and evening snacks.

Jarell, 11

Male, African American

Jarell is the oldest and is very concerned about being separated from his siblings in foster care. He is protective of his younger siblings. He is a whiz at building with Legos and has been told he should be an engineer. However, Jarell’s career goal is to be a professional football player! He is an athletic boy, has participated in football teams in the past, and would love to toss a football with his new parents! Jarell loves Chinese fried rice. Jarell has a beautiful smile and is a sweet and polite boy who craves caring adult attention.

Sophia, 9

Female, African American

Sophia is a chatterbox and loves to have people pay attention to her. She can easily get jealous if she feels her siblings are getting more attention. She is empathetic and kind and loves animals. Sophia enjoys dancing, singing, rock climbing, and swimming. If she can pick the restaurant, she will pick Taco Bell every time. Sophia also loves chicken quesadillas and rice and chicken. She is very close to her foster mother and is fearful of having to leave her.

Sibling group photo

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