Alexandria, Damien, Nicholas

Only families from Minnesota are being considered at this time.

Alexandria, 14

Female, Caucasian

Alexandria enjoys music and art and can often be found working on one or the other.  She would prefer not having small children or babies in the home, but would be fine having other teens in the home along with her two brothers.  Alexandria is good with animals and can be very helpful in their care.

Damien, 10

Male, Caucasian

Nicholas is your typical little brother. He enjoys Legos, dinosaurs, puzzles, coloring, playing outside and spending time with his family members.

Nicholas, 4

Male, Caucasian

Damien is a very smart child. He enjoys Legos, dinosaurs, Prodigy (computer math game), video games and puzzles. Damien can be quiet at first, but will have engaging conversations once he warms up to you. 

Sibling group photo

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