Kayden, Cameron, King

Kayden, Cameron and King would thrive in a two-parent family that can provide them with structure, routine, and follow through.

Only MN families are being considered at this time.

Cameron, 8

Male, African American

Cameron enjoys staying active outside by riding his bike and playing sports. He also likes to build with Legos and play with magnet blocks. He enjoys attention and interacting with both peers and adults. Cameron is a hard worker when it comes to school (especially distance learning). His favorite subjects in school are art and music. He is artistic and previously played the piano.

Kayden, 9

Male, African American

Kayden is an incredibly empathic, pleasant, and personable youth who has a great sense of humor. He is very social and loves to engage with peers. Kayden also enjoys being a big brother. He is caring and kind toward his younger siblings. Kayden likes to stay active and enjoys playing basketball and football, and previously took part on teams for basketball, football, and tennis. He enjoys being outside, riding his bike, swimming, and jumping on the trampoline. When Kayden cannot be outside, he likes to be on his tablet or play video games.

King, 6

Male, African American

King is independent, cheerful, caring, and willing to express his feelings. He is social and has an excellent sense of humor. King is a hard worker and has an excellent memory. King enjoys spending time with his older siblings. Like them, he enjoys jumping on the trampoline, playing catch, basketball, and football, and likes to play on electronics. King likes to eat chicken, hamburgers, and fruit, however, isn't a huge fan of carrots and peas.

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