Immanuel, Marshall

Immanuel and Marshall need a family who will be patient in building a relationship with them and proactive in getting them engaged in services and the activities they enjoy. They will thrive in a family setting that is structured and predictable. Immanuel and Marshall would like to live in the city and would need to maintain birth family connections.

Immanuel, 14

Male, Caucasian,African American,Hispanic

Immanuel is friendly and outgoing around people he knows. Once he is comfortable around someone, he will show you his big smile and tell jokes. He likes riding his bike and loves old-school video games and anime. Immanuel is interested in visiting Japan and can even speak some Japanese!

Marshall, 12

Male, Caucasian,African American,Hispanic

Marshall is friendly and talkative. He likes playing basketball and enjoys watching the Timberwolves. Recently, he has been working on his jump rope skills. Just like his older brother, Marshall enjoys playing video games.

Sibling group photo

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