Safiyah, Micah, Malachi, Niyome, Tayhon, Iyana

Iyana, 6

Female, Caucasian,African American

Iyana is friendly, helpful, social and creative. She enjoys drawing and coloring.

Malachi, 13

Male, Caucasian,African American

Malachi is respectful, outgoing and friendly. He enjoys playing on his iPad and playing soccer. Malachi likes vegetables and most types of food.

Micah, 14

Male, Caucasian,African American,Hispanic

Micah is considerate of others, caring and outgoing. Micah enjoys playing video games. Some of his favorite foods include sushi, orange chicken and Caesar salad.

Niyome, 11

Female, Caucasian,African American

Niyome is helpful, considerate of others and a good listener. She enjoys spending 1:1 time with her caregiver. Niyome enjoys soccer, reading, drawing, artwork and going to church.

Safiyah, 17

Female, African American

Safiyah can be both outgoing and somewhat quiet. A couple of her food favorites are steak and sushi. Safiyah enjoys listening to music, reading, going to movies and spending time with friends. Safiyah also likes drawing, painting, dancing and was once part of the community choir.

Tayhon, 9

Male, Caucasian,African American,Native American

Tayhon is considerate of others. He likes Caesar salads, hot dogs, snacks and McDonald's. He enjoys playing board games, Legos, movies, running around, coloring, books and anything that keeps him active. He also likes Nerf guns, stuffed animals and a picture book with photos of his family.

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