Jarell, Sophia, Ayden, Elton

Elton, Jarell, Ayden & Sophia would do best with a calm two- parent family who has plenty of time to engage with them, give them lots of attention and support them in their varied interests. It would benefit the children to remain in the greater metro area, preferably in a diverse community. The siblings enjoy participating in church activities that are child focused. All of the children like animals. Following adoption, Jarell, Sophia, Ayden & Elton would need to maintain contact with some extended family members and their former foster family.

Only families from Minnesota are being considered at this time.

Ayden, 10

Female, African American

Ayden is outgoing, energetic, athletic and takes pride in being a tiny bit older than her twin brother, Elton. She loves reading, crafts, and jigsaw puzzles. Ayden also loves gymnastics and will gladly show off her cartwheels and backflips. She is quite creative and enjoys making up her own gymnastics' routines. She also enjoys Littlest Pet Shop toys and the zipline at her local playground.

Elton, 10

Male, African American

Elton is energetic, athletic, and smart. He is a deep thinker and quite intuitive. Elton's favorite subject in school is science, and he loves to do science fair projects. Elton also loves superheroes and looking things up on the internet. He is a great swimmer, has taken karate lessons, shows an interest in ice skating and would love to play hockey. Elton can be outgoing but also enjoys having quiet time.

Jarell, 13

Male, African American

Jarell is energetic, athletic, caring, and personable. He is a gifted athlete who especially excels in football but is also talented at basketball and soccer. Jarell's favorite subjects in school are PE and Art and when not in school, he enjoys playing video games. Jarell values his friendships and loves hanging out with friends.

Sophia, 11

Female, African American

Sophia has a sparkly and caring personality. She is a very gifted dancer who loves attending dance class. In school, her favorite subject is math. Sophia also loves to experiment with hairstyles and chat with friends. While Sophia can be outgoing and talkative, she also likes to spend time alone.

Sibling group photo

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