Tedrick, Tanaisha, Destiny & Desire

Tedrick is helpful, creative, charming, curious and likes to joke around. He enjoys drawing, dancing, riding his bike and spending time with his friends.

Tanaisha is outgoing, friendly and likes spending time with her peers. She enjoys singing, dancing, writing and watching TV.

Destiny is outgoing, caring, fun loving and enjoys spending time around her siblings and her peers. She likes to dance, play with other children and use electronics. Some of her favorite foods include pizza, ice cream, chips, meat, and fruit.

Desire is a happy, sweet and gentle child who loves coloring and drawing. She enjoys adult attention, playing with her siblings, dancing, and playing outside.

Tedrick, Tanaisha, Destiny and Desire need a family who can provide structure, and supervision. Only MN families are being considered at this time.

Sibling group photo

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